Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I thought I would post while I can. Finn is sleeping and Bonnie is in San Diego picking up Grandma from the airport. It's getting to be show time again so she is back in town to take care of us. So far this week I've been able to keep up some good training, thanks to a sleepless nigh last night. Too much on my mind so I got up did an hours worth of sound editing and then started spinning, and spinning, and spinning. It felt good to have a bunch of miles in before anyone was a wake. I believe that's called invisible training. Yesterday the girls and I had to do a lumber run so we stopped off a the south fork trail on the way home for a run. As you can see the south fork is flowing.

This weekend Siren is headed to Sea Otter. Brendan and Mary will be there flying the colors and talking Divide. If you are there be sure to check out the screening the the documentary about the race. I got to see a preview and it's a well made file about a great adventure. I plan on getting a copy to watch while spinning and dreaming.

Ride on!

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