Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finn and I go out for a hike Friday morning. We stayed mostly on control roads as the trails were covered in snow.
We opened the third show of the season Friday evening. The kids did great and we could not be happier with the student who designed the set. Only qualified students get the chance to design a mainstage production and he sure has proven himself. Since we got nailed with snow again while Grandma has been out for a visit we decided to head down to the dessert for some fun in the sun. I rode down on my Trauco. Here is shot looking back at our mountain just after the hwy crosses the Pacific Crest Trail. Won't be long and we should start to see them dropping into Idyllwild for some much needed r.r.
I had some time so I sliced off a bit of the Palms to Pines trail on my way down.
Beaver tail is in bloom all the way down.
Update on trail conditions of the T.T. course as of this morning...Great! There are some small seasonal streams but nothing to worry about. It should be a fun weekend!
Ride on!

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