Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Big Picture

Who left this prefectly good boy just sitting out on the railroad tracks?

Mom to the rescue!

Let's pack 'em up and head on out!
We had an early day yesterday. I need to take care of some things at school and get the girls out before we headed down to Chula Vista for the PanCan walk, so the coffee pot was set for 3:45. The worst part about 3:45 is that Bonnie and I were on duty in the afternoon and evening which meant one of us wouldn't be home until after 10:00 that night. Ouch! The walk was great. At registration there were several picture displays of loved ones who had passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. It was heartbraking to look at some of the images, especially the ones of young folks with young families. One man pictured, I'd say he is in his thirties is living with Pancreatic Cancer. Pictures of him before cancer, and during treatment. It was great to him there and participating in the walk. It's people and times like these that really make one appreciate what's important in life. One walker had a T-shirt made in honor of her mother, it read 'We think of you every day and always will'. George...We think of you every day and always will.

Ride on!

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