Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring

I had a father and son training day yesterday. I ended up pulling Finn around for about 20 miles. With all of the climbing it felt like my chain was stretching beyond recognition. At times I was sure it was going to snap. This morning started spring with my usual Friday morning ride. I came across some more mt. lion tracks. Oh by, the way my friend confirmed the tracks I saw the other day were indeed mt. lion. The tracks I saw today were in about the same spot, maybe a little farther up the road.

This weekend training will be light. We are off to a wedding on Saturday, a former student, and now good friend. Is this a sign we're getting older? Years ago we did a 24 hour race together as a two man team. Now days he's a road racer. Great guy, it's good to see he and his wife to be so happy.

Ride on!


GRIESE.J said...

Rocky says " How much do you think he eats?"
Mick says "About two hundred twenty five pounds"

And the anouncer says "...and weighing in at two hundred twentyfive pounds ...Rocky Balboa..."

How much do you weigh??

Had too..

Bandit said...

Yeah, I gotta start riding with someone slower than me.