Monday, March 9, 2009

Just another weekend

Thing too exciting to report about the weekend. I'm on track with training. We got some much needed stuff done around the house. Finn and I got the trailer out for the first ride of the season. I guess he forgot how fast we can get going on the down hills, I kind of had to break him back in. Brendan and I are talking paint and parts for the new firm tail. I think the paint will be WBR Siren team colors. I'm debating on the breaks... juicy white or juicy black? I had running and biking clubs. Nobody showed up for running club, and a bunch of runners showed up for biking club. Aahh daylight savings, good thing it happens on a Sunday.

After spinning this morning the girls and I ran into school.

Wet dog, that's going to smell good in the office.The queen of chill, even sticking her tongue out at me. I'm not running them hard enough.

We've had reports of mountain lion in the area, and today I found some tracks on one the trails we were on. What ever it was we were back tracking it so I wasn't too worried. I think I might keep the girls on leach for a while.
Ride on!