Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter weekend fun

I'm currently recovering from an Easter brunch before I go out for a ride, just enough time to check in. Yesterday the weather stayed pretty crummy all day so the hike with Gray didn't pan out. Instead Bonnie Finn and I went down to Hemet to run some errands. On the way back Bonnie dropped me off at the bottom of the hill and I run up the control road. I've run up the hill before, but it was years ago and I couldn't recall how long it took me. I was guessing it would take me about 3 hours, in the end it only took 2. It was cool running from a cloudy day to being in the clouds to blue sky.

I haven't been to May Valley for some time now so I think I'm headed over there today. Maybe I'll do a lap on the Hurkey Creek loop.

Ride on!


Chester Gillmore said...


You train more in a day then I do in a week...

Especially this week.

THis weekend will be my first weekend back racing after the wedding. It is hard to get motivated for that kind of pain. I don't have big expectations.

What show is about to open?

Mark said...


I've done that run!

Sorry we missed you guys in Sedona. I should have gone over to the start/finish, or we should have headed over to the Bakery even without hearing from you.

Rounding into shape for a half-marathon up here, then transitioning to hiking for the coming summer.

If you guys are around in early-mid June, we're passing through Idyllwild en route to LAX as we fly to Peru. Want to say hi?