Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Now an 8 Hour Race

We had a great weekend. The show when very well and I got to watch some racing. I didn't get down to the venue until about 5 hours into the race. Because time was pressed I didn't go to start/finish to watch. Instead I viewed the action from keen summit. As I watched and cheered racers on I noticed that the majority of the number plates had an 8 on them. The next morning I got down to the race around 6 a.m. I checked out the results and sure enough there were almost as many male 8 hour solos as there were solos and teams combined racing 24 hours.

When watching races I like to run the course in the opposite direction of the race. That way I get to see more action from different points on the course, and it doesn't hurt to get a little exercise. With so few racers the course, it held up very well. My plan was to stay through the end and then get back home quick to get ready for the last show. I ended up running a couple of laps and by 10:00 the race was pretty much wrapped up. No real close match ups, for example the male solo had nearly a two lap lead on second. Nice work Taylor! He was looking strong all day long. The 8 hour race was won by Luke Wiens. He broke out 9 laps, way to go! I think he might be looking to do the 24 in the fall.

It was fun watching the race but it made me really miss being out there. I think this will be the first season in some time that I won't get 4 24's in. For some reason shows seem to fall on race weekends this year. We're thinking about doing the first Granny Gear race out east in June. It's the weekend after graduation and logistically it could be a real hassle. If we do then I'll get my 4 in for the season.

Ride on!


Chris said...

It might be a logistical hassle, but you got people ... ship your bikes to Chicago, we'll build them up, then you fly straight to Cleveland or Pittsburgh, we'll pick you up on the way, and we've got crew members and spare parts lined up! Then we drive you back and you are back in Wisco on Tuesday ...

Anonymous said...

You've just got a little in the reserve for the Idyllwild Spring Challenge then, right?

Bandit said...

Tempting...The kicker is I would need to fly back to CA to drive back with Bonnie, Finn and the two dogs. We should think more on this, let's keep talking.