Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Like usual I'm mixing up my training. But this time it's in a pattern. In the morning me Finn and the girls go for about an hour long hike. When he is napping or off to town hall with Bonnie I spin. After work I take 'the long way home' and get some climbing in. It doesn't sound like the workouts of a serious mt. biker, but it will have to do.

We had to have some tests this morning. I guess we're growing up, we are shopping for life insurance. We had to have blood drawn in our own home...weird. Among other testes we needed to weigh in, I'm leaner than I've been since sometime in high school. Right away one gets to thinking 'if I'm lighter it's because I'm loosing muscle mass'. Because if your heavier it's always fat, right?

This weekend it the Idyllwild Spring Challenge. It's a xc race about 35 miles long, not my strong suit but always fun anyway. Bonnie is going to be working a check point so I'll probably set her up with some bottles for me to grab as I pass. It sounds like Brendan will be coming out to race as well. It'll be good to see him out there hammering.

The rest of the week looks the same trainingwise. Do it whenever and however I can.

Ride on!

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