Monday, April 13, 2009

Winter Back to Spring

Recovery from brunch went well. I got out for a 2 hour ride down in May Valley. I wanted to get a look at conditions of the 24 hour loop so I shot straight down, passing all of the single track on the way. The loop is in pretty good shape, just a few spots where there is some mud or puddling that might get a little rough as the sun bakes the course dry.

The snow is mostly gone for the most part, with the exception of the high country. Let's hope spring is here to stay. Weird weather this weekend. Snow Friday night, Cold and wet Saturday and beautiful Sunday.

Not only is the Song riding well, it's looking good too.
It's good to see seasonal ponds and streams are full and flowing.
As I was heading back home I ran into a couple of friends who were just wrapping up their ride. I got word that on Saturday a big group came up to per ride the loop. If that's any indicator it should be a good showing in a couple of weeks for the race. This week we are in production mode, meaning classes don't meet and we are working in the shops, or rehearsing all afternoon/evening. If I want to get in any riding the next couple of weeks it'll have to be in the mornings, when time permits. It might be I end up running more than riding.
Ride on!

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