Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another great weekend

So I probably say that we've had a great weekend every weekend, but it's true and this weekend is no exception. It started with me and the girls going for a run before we need to head over to the race. When I got back home it was still early so I got some spinning in. The plan was to get to the check point by 10:30, Finn had other ideas. He was fast asleep so I hung back and Bonnie headed over to the race. Finn got up around noon, shortly after we were on our way to the check point, me in the saddle, him in tow.

Everybody was working hard to make sure the racers were getting what they need to make the final push. I think Finns next words will be 'water, cyto, gu'.
We knew all the racers had passed when these two showed up. Either Brendan has enjoyed an adult libation or the altitude is getting to him.
Finn made sure Brendan's steed was good to go for the final climb.
" Did he really drink all of those...I thought you were watching him, Mom" O.k. so not only do water bottles work well for hydration but they can keep a little guy busy for extended moments.
After the race Finn and I headed home. When Bonnie got home I slipped out for a ride. When I got back we grilled out. Bonnie and I got to enjoy the growler Mary pick up for us the weekend before from Prescott Brewing.
This morning started the way most Sundays do. Playing and breakfast then off to running club. We had a good run on the trails around campus. When I got home we played a bit, Finn took a nap and I got out for a ride. I headed down to May valley but hit some climbs before I got down there. I ended up getting in about 4,500' of climbing. I gotta take advantage for the hills while I have them. After the ride we headed into town to pick up some things and check out the action. Bonnie is off to Prom tonight so that means it's my 'hotter than something that's really hot' chili for dinner...Finn's probably not ready for that...he can have something else...I'm making my chili. After dinner me, Finn and the girls will walk up to the state forest and go for a hike. See I told you, great weekend.
Ride on!

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