Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday morning me Finn and the girls went for a hike up Sunset trail. The girls tore it up but Finn and I just kind of explored.
Wasn't the recorder every body's first musical instrument? Yeah that's right, one handed.
Then in the afternoon I got dragged around May Valley by a friend who is in the shape of his life. His been training like an animal and it shows. This morning we had the last running club of the year. We went long and did some different trails. How cool is it that after a year of meeting each week we can still find some different trails to run. This afternoon Finn and I ran up to Humber and back, just to mix it up. I was going to go riding between runs but my brake pads are shot on my firm tail and the Songs brakes are singing. I told my friend yesterday that these brakes are made by the same company that produces the bear bell, both are effective at keeping bears aware of my whereabouts. New pads should be on there way in the next day or so. Looks like I'll wrap up the weekend with some spinning.
Ride on!

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