Saturday, May 23, 2009

We opened the final show of the season last night. It was well received by a large house. Let's hope tonight goes as well. We've been in pretty good shape during most of tech week so the past couple of days I've been able to get out for some good rides. I've been trying to pack in the climbing while I have it. Yesterday I got in over 5,100' in 40 miles and today I cobbled together just over 5,000' of climbing in just under 30 miles. Most of the riding today was in May Valley. Got a shot of some of the late bloom going on down there.

I came across this guy, believe it or not, on a trail call 'Snakeskin'. It was in a tight spot so I wanted to convince it that it would be better for both of us if it slithered off into the brush.
Yesterday on my way back up from Hemet I came across a lot of snake tracks on the control rode. It's funny right after the Idyllwild Pine cove split I didn't see a single snake track on the way up to P.C.
Tomorrow I don't know that I'll get out for a ride. I've got running club in the morning, then I'm meeting Bonnie, Grandma, and Finn in town for a pancake breakfast, and then the show in the afternoon, followed by strike and party. Speaking of Grandma it's been great having her out for a visit again. It makes it easier to be at school so much knowing Finn is with her.
Ride on!

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