Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thoughts of Summer

Summer type weather has hit the hill, daytime highs in the 80's and nighttime lows in the 50's. All blue sky all day long, which makes for good riding. I'm starting get out of bed about an hour before Finn wakes up so I can get some spinning in, then when he goes to town with Mom I can hit the trails. My plan hasn't worked as well as I would have hoped. Today for example I got about 8 minutes in and Finn was up. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. But since I'm on duty tonight I don't think I'll be getting up too early tomorrow, I gotta be fresh for Mothers Day. I think I'll restart the get up early cycle on Monday, what a great way to start the week.

I think I've finally decided against racing the first Granny Gear event this year. Time is just too tight. But I am hoping to be back in WI in time to race Crystal Ridge. I did this race years ago as my first 12 hour. I had a blast and learned a lot. I think they are doing time trials there again on Wed. nights through out the summer, also something I'd like to take in. Could help me build up some speed, something I do not have.

So as you can see I'm getting into that end of the year mode. I thinking of the best way to drive back to WI. What do we want to see, where do we want to camp. I'm thinking of what races we should be lining up to do. And I'm thinking I gotta hit these great trails while I've got them. Ya know living up here I'm totally spoiled.

Remember your Mom tomorrow! (o.k. not just tomorrow)
Ride on!

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