Thursday, May 14, 2009

News Changes Things

It's been an eventful week out here in CA. Finn caught the stomach flu last week and passed it on to me early this week. It laid me up for a couple of days, I remember the last time I didn't ride or run for two days straight. I got an early father's day gift from Bonn and Finn...a trip to the first Granny Gear event. It'll be great to race with teammates Brad and Chris. I've raced with them before but never as teammates. The only down side is Bonnie and Finn won't be there. So the official Best Wife/Mom ever (title's official status given by teammate Brad) won't be there to be pit boss. The other good news I got is Siren is coming to town this weekend with some bikes! I'm going to get to test out that prototype that's been in the works for a while now. I think it's going to be a really fun bike. I've decided to go with a ridge fork up front. Something I've never tried before so I'm looking forward to a new style of riding. A new Song is in the works as well. Brendan likes to write a little message in each of the down tubes we uses on the bikes he builds.

Looking at the picture in the background makes me think Brendan is living on the dark side right now, get out for a ride man!

Brendan has built up Songs for Chris and I before and discovered that the frames are nearly the exact same so this time around he was able to streamline the process a bit and built the two frames together. Mine is the faster one, which is good because I'll need ever advantage I can get at Big Bear.

No a much different note, and I'm sorry I can't change gears more gracefully...Tuesday night we lost a good friend to cancer. He was one of the senior Faculty members at Idyllwild Arts that Bonnie and I looked up to From early on in our tenure. He will be missed but his inspiration will live on.

Ride on Jerry!


Matt said...

I'm amazed at how productive Brendan can be - cool looking bikes there.

Chester Gillmore said...

Racing big bear?

When are you going to be racing big bear?

Bandit said...

Not our Big Bear, it's the one in West Virginia.