Monday, May 25, 2009

New ride

It's yard sale time up here in Idydllwild. Saturday while I was riding Bonnie checked a few out with Grandma and Finn and found something I've wanted for some time now. A unicycle! So my newest ride has only one wheel, making it really light, right? Wrong, I think it weighs more than the new firm tail I've been loving. The bad part is I can't ride it until after Big Bear. I have this funny way of injuring myself just weeks before major races. Once I broke a toe taking out the garbage, three days before Nationals. A another time I broke a rib two weeks before a race. I ended up racing but after a crash about 12 hour in I decided to pull out. Another time I wrenched my back on a final training ride, One week before a race. I couldn't walk upright for two days. With these injuries on my resume Bonnie thought it might be best if I hold off on doing the things that can easily lead to me damaging me. So it's two wheels for me for now.

Ride on!

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pictures please