Thursday, May 28, 2009

Been hitting the hills. I rode over to Black Mountain yesterday morning. Ended up getting around 5,000' of climbing. As you might guess we had another beautiful day in the mountains. I hear the coast and valley are stuck under the marine layer most mornings.
This morning Finn and I got out for a short hike with Gary and that I met up with a good friend from Big Bear and one of his buddies. We spent some time tearing it up in May Valley. I had to cut out early while they continued on to do a Hurkey Creek lap.

Here is a shot of my new ride. I think I'll change out the rubber but other than that any upgrades or changes I make will happen after I learn how to ride it.
I'm hoping to get for some good miles over the weekend. In a few days I'll need to start thinking about a taper.
Ride on!

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Anonymous said...

"Start thinking about a taper" Todd...

Good man. :-)