Thursday, May 21, 2009


What was just a pile of parts and a super light frame on Monday became a fast Siren firm tail on Wednesday. It's a full 29 with ti seat stays and a Song flex plate behind the bb. The idea is that the ti will flex a bit the take the edge off. Along with the 29" wheel this should feel like a pretty smooth ride. A happy medium between a hard tail and a soft tail. Here is a shot of the bike before I've even got a leg over it.
I did a shake down ride yesterday morning. After a little dialing in I got in a good couple of hours. This bike is a lot of fun. Quick, snappy and efficient. I don't know that I'll ever race this bike in a 24 with a ridged fork, but it might be fun to do an xc or marathon race on it.
Things are coming together for the West Virginia race the weekend after graduation. My teammates are taking care of a lot of the logistics, which I'm grateful for since I'm so busy with the last show of the year. Brendan is putting the two Songs on the fast track for Chris and I. The biggest news is from my sister. As most of you know she and our good friend Becky are major players in the pits. I got word that they'll be making it out for this race. How cool is that? I'm lucky to have such great people around me. The only way this could get better is if Bonnie and Finn were in the pits too. That will happen in July.
Ride on!

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