Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Get Out There

Yesterday was one of those days that just made me itch for one of those multi day rides I love to do. One of our students father was doing what I just love to do. He flew down from Washington to Palm Springs with nothing but his bike and some cloths. The plan was for him to ride up to Idyllwild yesterday, see his son in a studio production tonight, and then ride back down tomorrow. Since I knew he was pretty much out there on his own with no emergency contacts I thought it might be nice to drive out and check his progress. I ran across him about half way, he was doing great. Huge smile and just loving life. All he need was a little water, and probably didn't even need that but since it was there for the taking, way not? After we chatted for a bit he was off.

On my way back home I came across two through hikers looking for a ride to Idyllwild. This time of year the through hikers are making their way through town on their way to Canada. They are always good for excellent stories of the trail. They needed some things and a little rest. Their plan was to spend one day, and two nights in town and then get a ride back to the trail. One of the hikers 'Blue Eye' is from Colorado, the other one, 'Ace' is from Ohio. Both of them were just all smiles. They couldn't have been happier.

I can't help but think people are just built to be active. These three guys were working hard and yet were happier then most folks I run into on a daily basis. I know when I my activity level dips I get a little edgy. I think physical activity is something we tend to gloss over too much. I mean just look around you in public places. Doors open of us. Stairs step for us. We drive everywhere, and park as close as we can. We're outside for just a fraction of our day. It's ugly, it makes us crabby, and it's killing us.

Wow where did that came from? Sorry for the soapbox moment, I guess I feel pretty strongly about play time, I should have been a P.E. teacher. If you haven't already get out there and play today!

Ride on! or whatever you do for fun!

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